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We believe in connecting with people, meeting needs and developing potentials so that you may step into a life of fulfillment in God. Join us for our Celebration Services or Connect Groups... We'd love to care and connect with you!

OUR Services

Whether in Trinity@Paya Lebar or Trinity@Bukit Batok, come together in a vibrant atmosphere of praise and worship in our Celebration Services. Encounter God, and experience transformation!

Main Service
Nursery (birth - age 4)
DiscoveryLand (ages 4-12)
IGNYTE (ages 13-20)

English Services






Language Services

Our ministries

Experience the Incredible Unity of Trinity through our Connect Groups, and let your young ones grow up in the ways of the Lord in our Age-Group Ministries! Scroll down for more.


Let your children learn through songs, Bible stories and activities and grow while you attend the main service without any worries!

Nursery 1: Birth - age 1
Nursery 2: Ages 1-2 1/2
Nursery 3: Ages 2 1/2 - 4 
Trinity@Paya Lebar Sat 5pm | Sun 8.30 & 11am

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Let your children see the Bible come alive and discover  who they are in God, develop character and become a champion for Christ! 

DiscoveryLand: Ages 4-9
Pre-Teens:         Ages 10-12

Trinity@Paya Lebar - Sat 5pm | Sun 8.30 & 11am
Trinity@Bukit Batok (ages 4-12)Sun 9 & 11am

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If you're between 13-20 years old, join us at IGNYTE!


Trinity@Paya Lebar - Sat 5pm | Sun 11am

Connect Group Meetings and DefinYtion Classes

Trinity@Paya Lebar - Fri 7.30pm 

Have a question? Drop us a message on Instagram!

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Connect Groups

Our Connect Groups are the pulse and life of Trinity!

Whether you are pursuing higher education, working, starting a new family, have children, or at the stage of retirement, you can grow in your relationship with God and be encouraged in your faith with this spiritual family.

Language Ministries

Find your home away from home here in Trinity's Language Ministry Services and carecells! Be connected to a community that will encourage, and help you grow in life and your walk with God:

Chinese Ministry

Trinity@Paya Lebar - Sat 5pm | Sun 8.30 & 11am

Trinity@Bukit Batok - Sun 9 & 11am

Filipino Ministry

Trinity@Paya LebarSun 11am

Indonesian Ministry

Trinity@Paya Lebar - Sun 11am

Japanese Ministry

Trinity@Paya Lebar - Sun 11am (2nd & 3rd Sun of the month)


Thai Ministry

Trinity@Paya Lebar - Sun 11am